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Stanborough School


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Term Dates 2016/2017:



1st September: Inset Day


2nd September: Year 12 and 13 Induction On Home Site


7th October: Inset Day except for BHGS


24th -28th October:  Half term


31st October - 4th November: BHGS closed for move into new school.


25th November: Occasional Day


22nd December - 4th January: Christmas Holidays


13th February - 17th February: Half term


20th February: Inset day except BHGS


3rd April - 17th April: Easter (BHGS 5th April - 17th April)


18th April: Inset Day


1st May: Bank Holiday


26th May: Year 13 Teaching Ends


29th May - 2nd June: Half term


14th July: Post 16 teaching ends


17th July - 21st July: Extended Learning Week



Term Dates 2017/2018:


31st August: Inset Day


1st September: Year 12 and 13 Induction On Home Site


4th September: 6th Form lessons start


6th October: Inset Day


19th -27th October:  Half term


24th November: Occasional Day


22nd December - 2nd January: Christmas Holidays


3rd January: Inset Day


4th January: Term starts


12th February - 16th February: Half term


19th February: Inset day


30th March: Good Friday


2rd April - 13th April: Easter Holidays


16th April: Term starts


7th May: Bank Holiday


28th May - 1st June: Half term


13th July: Post 16 teaching ends


16th July - 20th July: Extended Learning Week 




 Welcome to the Welwyn & Hatfield 14-19 Consortium











The five secondary schools in Welwyn & Hatfield: Bishop’s Hatfield Girls’, Monk’s Walk, Onslow St Audrey’s, Sir Frederic Osborn and Stanborough work collectively as a Consortium to provide an enviable programme of Sixth Form education throughout the area.


Being part of the Sixth Form... 







    ...is more than studying for qualifications. 





There are other benefits to be had from working with people you know, in a familiar environment. There is also a very significant contribution you can make as a sixth form student to your school and to the Consortium in a whole variety of ways which, in turn, will be of further benefit to you when you move on to higher education or employment. The Consortium has existed for many years but we constantly review what we offer and seek ways of improving still further the opportunities for post-16 students across the consortium. Each of the schools has excellent arrangements in place to guide you whilst making your subject choices. We will provide advice that will ensure you are offered the most appropriate programme.