Core Mathematics L3 Certificate


Examination Board:

OCR (STA) – Core Maths A (MEI) – 2 years

AQA (BHG and MWS) – Mathematical Studies – 1 Year


Core Maths is a course for those who want to keep up their valuable maths skills but are not planning to take A Level mathematics. At the end of the course, you will have a Level 3 qualification – similar to an AS. The qualification is assessed by two final examinations.


What is the course about?


Core Maths builds on GCSE maths with a sharper focus on problem solving skills by considering and tackling mathematics in meaningful contexts. This includes financial applications of mathematics as well as further statistical ideas that can support work in other subjects you may be studying such as Psychology, Health Sciences, Geography, Sociology and even History. A Core Maths qualification will consolidate and build on your mathematical understanding and develop further skills in the application of maths to authentic problems, offering progression from GCSE mathematics. It will prepare you for the varied contexts you are likely to encounter in vocational and academic study and in future employment and life, and will foster your ability to think mathematically and to apply mathematical techniques to a variety of unfamiliar situations, questions and issues with confidence.


Who should take the course?


Anyone who meets the entrance criteria who is not taking A Level Mathematics is eligible to study Core Maths.

A qualification in Core Maths is very valuable to support studies in a wide range of other subjects such as Economics, Business Studies, Geography, Psychology and Sociology.


How is it assessed?


There are two written examinations for each module of up to 2 hours duration. Both will include pre-release material, available well in advance of the exams. Both exams must be sat in the same exam series at the end of the course and are equally weighed.