Examination Board: AQA A


A’ Level Geography…… is it the right choice for you?


11 Good Reasons for Studying ‘A’ Level Geography

  • Geographers are very employable.
  • Geography combines well with other subjects.
  • Geographers develop key skills valued by universities and employers.
  • Geography relates to real life problems.
  • Geography helps develop; an understanding of current events.
  • Geography tackles the big issues: Environmental change, Global Interdependence, Sustainability, Cultural Understanding.

  • Geography is a good general subject that keeps your options open.
  • Geography stimulates an interest in, and wonder of, the world around us.
  • Geography is a fun, interesting and ever changing subject.
  • Geography gives you practical experience working outside of the classroom by doing field work and develops teamwork skills.
  • Helps you build on achievement. If you have achieved well at KS3 and GCSE then a good A level result is a real possibility.


Undecided which way to go? Already got a clear career path?


Statistics show that compared with other subjects Geography graduates are amongst the most employable. This is because they possess the skills that employers are looking for.

Geography develops the ability to combine scientific principles with economic awareness, environmental concern and an appreciation and tolerance of people’s attitudes and values as well as historical and political aspects of our planet.

Our USP is that no other subject incorporates these factors

When you take Geography you will study a wide range of interesting topics. It offers the opportunity to look in more detail at issues such as global warming, the impacts of volcanoes and earthquakes, the population explosion, the consequences of urban growth or the impacts of managing our coastal landscapes.


The A Level Course


You will follow the AQA A Level Geography exam board. There will be a balance of both human and physical geography across the course including a wide range of geographical skills. (see table of course content).  


Are you the right student for the course? Do you...


  • ·Enjoy learning about the world around you?
  • ·Have an opinion?
  • ·Possess an inquisitive and critical mind?
  • ·Have good literacy skills?
  • ·Like to go away and research information independently?