Mathematics A Level


Examination Board:  

OCR at BHG, MWS and RA      

Edexcel at OSA and STA


Mathematics A Level is a challenging and interesting subject which progresses from the work that has been met at GCSE and develops a further understanding of mathematical processes and the ability to reason logically. It complements many other subjects and is highly respected by universities and employers. 


What is the course about? 


The Mathematics course consists of compulsory Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics elements. You will extend your knowledge of topics such as algebra and trigonometry, as well as learning new ideas such as calculus. At the same time, you will study applications of Pure Mathematics in the fields of Statistics and Mechanics.


Further Mathematics is a course which can only be taken alongside A Level Mathematics. It extends the study of the subject for students who want a deeper understanding and a broader knowledge than is provided by the single syllabus. 




In Year 12 you will cover the first half of both the Pure and Applied content of the full A Level course. In Year 13, you will study the remaining content of the full A Level qualification and you will be examined on a sample of all content covered over the two years at full A level standard. 


Further Mathematics 


AS and A Level Further Mathematics are available, both of which include a further compulsory core of Pure Mathematics content. In addition, you will be able to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Applied Mathematics topics. 


Who should take the course?  


You need to have reached a good standard at GCSE mathematics (see subject criteria), enjoy the subject and be willing to work hard.


A qualification in A level Mathematics is very valuable to support studies in a wide range of other subjects such as Science, Economics, Business Studies, Geography and Psychology. It will also be very useful in careers such as Architecture, Accountancy, Education, Environmental Studies and Information Technology. Further Mathematics is strongly recommended for entry to courses in Mathematics, Computing, Engineering and Physics, but will also suit any high attaining mathematician who enjoys a challenge. 


How is it assessed? 


There is no coursework component to either A Level Mathematics or Further Mathematics. A level Mathematics is assessed by three 2 hour written papers at the end of the course. The number and duration of examinations for Further Mathematics varies according to the options chosen.