About the Welwyn & Hatfield Consortium


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The five secondary schools in Welwyn & Hatfield, Bishop's Hatfield Girls' School, Monk's Walk, Onslow St Audrey's, Ridgeway Academy and Stanborough work collectively as a   Consortium to provide an enviable programme of Sixth Form education throughout the area. For an overview of how the Consortium works, please watch this video.  

Being part of the Sixth Form is more than studying for qualifications.  There are other benefits to be had from working with people you know in a familiar environment.  There is  also a very significant contribution you can make as a sixth form student to your school and to the Consortium in a whole variety of ways which, in turn, will be of further benefit  to you when you move on to higher education or employment.    

The Consortium has existed for many years but we constantly review what we offer and seek ways of improving still further the opportunities for Post-16 students across the  consortium.    

Each of the schools have excellent arrangements in place to guide you whilst making your subject choices.  We will provide advice that will ensure you are offered the most  appropriate programme.    

Please speak to your teachers, Heads of Year, Heads of Sixth Form, Connexions Advisers and students already following the courses in which you are interested.  You will then  be in a position to make an informed decision.    

Students from outside the area wishing to be taught in Welwyn & Hatfield need first to apply to the Sixth Form in one of the schools.  

Their timetable will then be based within the Consortium with access to facilities at all sites.    

We wish you every success in your examinations and look forward to welcoming you to our Consortium in September.